WOW P.A.A Terms and Conditions


Enrolment forms must be completed before any student starts any class. It is expected that students enrol for a full a full term of one or more classes, if for some reason you wish to withdraw an enrolment Wow  must be informed via email. Simply failing to attend class is not regarded as cancellation of enrolment. If notification of intention to leave is not recieved then the parent may still be invoiced for future terms.  Failure to turn up to class is not classified as notification.



If paying per term fees are due within 2 weeks of term commencement. If paying annually these fees are due 2 weeks before the commencement of the first term of the year. Fees are non-refundable for classes missed, or if your child does not complete the entire term. The Academy’s term dates are based on government school terms of 9 – 11 weeks in length. There is a 20% reduction to the fees for each additional child from the same family (the lesser fee being reduced).


Regular attendance is a necessity as each student is important to the progress of the class as a whole. The Wow office must be notified if a student cannot attend class. Lessons that are missed because of sickness or holidays are not refundable. These classes can be made-up where possible but it is not guaranteed.


All acting and singing students must wear comfortable clothing and shoes (preferably sneakers) at all times. Dance students must wear appropriate dance wear and dance shoes for the classes they are taking which has to be provided by the student. ALL Students should be neatly groomed at all times. All articles of clothing must be clearly named. The Director or staff of WOW will take no responsibility for any lost property.

Class Arrival / Departure

Parents are required to escort their child to the Studio and wait with them until the commencement of class. If parents must drop children off early then the child must be brought into the classroom or waiting  room to wait with the teacher. No students should be left in the waiting area without supervision. Parents are requested to call for their children immediately after class. All children must stay inside the studio until parents arrive. On street parking is available.


Parents and friends are not permitted into the studio during class times. Parents may attend the open day performances and recitals held at the studio. If siblings accompany parents to view class, they must remain seated and quiet. NO food or drink is permitted in the Studio.

Annual Concert

Participation in our Annual Concert in December is encouraged and expected. Please notify the Director Nathan Large immediately if your child cannot participate in the performance.


All students enrolment for must contain all information regarding any medical/ Allergy conditions.


§  It is understood and agreed that Wow Performing Arts Academy will not be responsible for any injuries incurred during class activities or for the loss of personal effects or clothing.

§  Any scheduled class having 4 or less students enrolled may, at the Principal’s discretion be cancelled.

§  Photos of your child may be used in advertising and promotional materials UNLESS you specify otherwise.

§  I understand and accept that due to the nature of dance training that some physical contact may be necessary by the teacher to demonstrate exercises or technique during class or if there is a need to administer first aid.

All students are required to pay a yearly $35 registration fee. This covers insurance fees and admin (scripts, lyrics etc).

If you are starting during the term, then you will need to pay for the remainder of the term in advance.

Tuition can be paid Annually or by term. If you pay annually the student receives a 40 percent discount on ALL masterclasses if they choose to participate in any of these throughout the year.

If you are a family who has more than one student at WOW you offered a 20 % percent discount for every other child that is enrolled after the first child. 

All masterclasses that are held are a separate charge and can be paid for when booking the spot.

All payments at this stage are to be paid online via the website through direct deposit/EFT or PayPal unless authorised by Wow P.A.A. Just click on the PAYMENTS section.

There are no refunds on classes missed. Singers may change their 1 on 1 lessons if they provide 48 hours notice before changing.

There is no class on public holidays. If your class falls on a public holiday it will be rescheduled or run longer at the next class to make up for the time.

The end of year showcase will incur a small fee for each student (around $150).

This fee will be announced halfway through the year and may be paid in instalments or up front. This is to ensure we have fantastic costumes, professional lighting and professional sound and a wonderful venue to enjoy the show. Tickets will be charged at no more than $20 each for adults.