5-14 Year Olds
'Up and Comers' Class

Tuesday 5pm - 7pm

Per Term 2019 - $195

This class introduces students to the basic concepts of acting. mainly theatre arts. It will use many creative drama techniques to build confidence and imagination and will begin to break down that wall of inhibitions that many young children have. They will continue to work on their team work skills and also learn to work as an individual. This class will also cover everything from character developing, stage presence, interview/audition skills, monologues, movement, improvisation, public speaking/hosting,  ensemble/team work, directing, make-up, career paths, focusing on different genres of acting and styles. They will of course be working on their performances  for the end of year showcase and be encouraged to audition for all WOW productions.

Wednesday 6pm - 8pm
Per Term 2019 - $300

This class will focus purely on social skills, confidence and life skills through the art of drama and theatre sports. It is a fully inclusive class for under 18 year olds that supports and caters for people with ASD.



7 years and over

Sunday 12:30pm - 2:30pm

Per Term  - $200

This class is for the more advanced drama student with a huge passion for acting. It will challenge the students to really be creative and to help reach their full potential in the art of performance and really prepare them for doing drama in high school and continue to give them the edge in their mainstream classes.

Musical Theatre Class

16 years and under

Thursday 6pm-8pm

$200 per term

This group class focuses purely on musical theatre. The group will work on many different styles of musicals and will work on performing different pieces from famous musicals at our yearly showcases. The class will perform regularly throughout the year. This class is a very fun and interactive class which will cover everything from ANNIE to THE GREATEST SHOWMEN.


Per Term $200

This coaching is for actors of any level of ability to be creative and explore their dramatic side in a fun and comfortable environment. It is for those who want to fine tune their skills and even those who just want to become more confident. The lessons will explore many facets of the entertainment industry and focuses on keeping the passion of acting burning.