Wow Performing Arts Academy is dedicated to giving students fun and exciting ways to develop their performance skills. Our aim is to make every student realise their full potential and our ultimate goal is to help make their performing arts dreams come true.

Our students are educated and encouraged to be confident and professional at all times. Our school is not like primary school or high school, our students will be pushed to better themselves and they will be given the individual attention they need and deserve. We believe it doesn't take long to change a students' attitude completely, but it takes years of hard work to become a success.


Our courses and teaching methods are designed to always make sure our students are learning  essential lessons to be successful in the performing arts industry and as a person in general. Sometimes learning without even knowing they are learning. 

Congratulations to our 2019 WOW STAR OF THE YEAR 2019 Winner TYLAR SMITH on the release of his first music single THE ASHES! 100 percent of Tylars profits are being donated to the NSW RFS and WIRES!


 Creative Kids PROVIDER


We are so pleased to announce that in 2019 parents, guardians, and carers have the opportunity to claim a $100 voucher every year to put towards the cost of term fees or production fees at WOW P.A.A through the Creative Kids program! For more info 

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WOW P.A.A is located in BRADBURY, 4 minutes from the heart of Campbelltown.  Our business hours are 3-9pm Monday - Friday and 11:30am - 6:00pm Sunday

Email us at-

Give us a call on 02 46207919

ABN. 58770329731